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Centerstage 2023-24

Participating in a robotics tournament is always a thrilling experience, filled with highs and lows that push teams to their limits. My first robotics tournament of the season was no exception, as our team faced unexpected challenges that tested our resilience, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Due to unforeseen complications, our team realized our robot might not be completed for the competition. Being a veteran team, we focused on endgame points where we could score the most besides placing pixels.

As the tournament progressed, so did our robot. By the end of the competition, our once-struggling robot creation could consistently execute two critical tasks: hanging and shooting the drone. Our dedication to creating a good robot had not gone unnoticed, and another team graciously invited us to join their alliance. Our consistency in shooting the drone and hanging at the end had caught the eye of an alliance captain team. This shows how important it is to focus on the right tasks. This unexpected twist allowed us to continue in the tournament and reach the final elimination round.

Awards & Community

One of the most exhilarating moments in any robotics tournament is when the judges come to your pit and learn more about your team. Having all the sets of judges visit was the most exciting, as it was a clear sign that we were being considered for the prestigious Inspire Award. The recognition highlighted not only our technical achievements but also our team's dedication, collaboration, and the positive impact we had on the robotics community.

Amidst the competition, an essential aspect of the robotics world shone through – the unwavering support and gracious professionalism among teams. From sharing spare parts to handing off zip ties, teams were always ready to assist each other. One memorable instance involved a fellow team providing us with the last-minute grounding strap needed to keep our robot from disconnecting mid-match. It was a powerful reminder that the robotics community is supportive and strong beyond the competition.

My first robotics tournament of the season was a testament to the resilience and community spirit that truly defines the world of competitive FIRST robotics. Despite facing some initial setbacks, our team overcame every challenge and emerged as a stronger team. This competition showcased the true collaboration and determination that makes robotics fun..

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