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Our mentorship program provides personalized guidance and assistance to help empower girls in robotics. Our mentors are experienced in FTC and FLL robotics and are available to help you and your team with any questions or struggles you may have. Through our mentorship program, you will have access to a vast network of knowledge to help you with your robotics journey. The mentorships will be on an ask-for-help basis where the mentors will respond to specific questions and contribute advice. Our mentors will provide support and advice to help you and your team reach your robotics goals.

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Machine Arm Assembling Car
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Through this program, mentors can provide guidance and support to answer mentees with a low commitment. Mentors will have the opportunity to use their knowledge to help the next generation of robotics enthusiasts reach their goals. Additionally, they can bulk up their resume and team portfolio by becoming a mentor. Empower girls and yourselves by being a mentor!

Note: You must be 13+ to be a mentor :)

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Meet our Mentors

Our Mentors are dedicated to supporting you as you explore the world of First Robotics

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