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Learn Java for FIRST Tech Challenge


Learn outreach, branding, and fundraising for FIRST


Learn about basic mechanisms and engineering processes used in FIRST

SparkLabs Bootcamp

Learn everything you need to know for FIRST

These camps are designed to make learning about FIRST more fun and engaging. There are a lot of similar options for self-learning this material, however, having someone to guide you personally and provide one-on-one help with difficult topics will make learning more efficient and interesting.

One-on-One Tutoring

Learn Java, C++, or Python in a personalized environment

Please email stating your interest in one-on-one tutoring for more information.

We offer one-on-one tutoring for a small fee, giving students the personalized attention they need to succeed. Our experienced mentors are passionate about helping students develop the skills and confidence they need to make a difference. We will guide them through the basics and create a project based on their interest. We will also teach them essential coding skills such as researching, debugging, and critical thinking.

Past Camps

JavaBotics Camp 2023

 Check out our flyer for the 2023 camp here!

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