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Welcome to Her FIRST

At Her FIRST, we strive to make a community where girls involved in and interested in FIRST Robotics can make meaningful connections with each other and learn together.

What We Do

Our Camps offer young girls the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of robotics to excel in the FIRST program. Through interactive activities, hands-on projects, and team-building activities, girls will gain the confidence and knowledge to become successful in the world of robotics.

Our mentorship program gives girls access to more experienced FIRST participants who can provide guidance on their FIRST projects. Not only does this help younger FIRST teams become more confident in their abilities, but it also gives the mentors an opportunity to gain outreach that can be added to their portfolio. 

Our blog is the perfect resource for FIRST girls. It provides helpful tips and advice on topics ranging from programming to outreach, as well as inspiring stories from girls who have achieved success in robotics. It also offers an online community where girls can connect with each other to share their experiences and build a supportive network.

Technology Class

We’re not using kids to build robots—we’re using robots to build kids.

-Dean Kamen, on behalf of FIRST robotics

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